3-phase bidirectional PFC controller with mains feedback for energy saving

The BERGER Stromversorgungen GmbH & CO. KG, in company alliance with the development specialist German Power GmbH in Pforzheim, designs, produces and distributes innovative, electronically controlled power supplies in a worldwide recognized quality and highest reliability.

The strategic orientation of the company alliance includes the objective of developing products that have the highest efficiency in their class and make an important contribution to energy saving and sustainability through their reliability, durability and energy recovery functions. Our latest product for more energy efficiency in industrial automation systems is the 3-phase bidirectional PFC controller BSPFC10000-480T. The digitally controlled PFC controller with an output power of 10,000W, can be used as a ballast module for frequency converters, which are used in large quantities to supply electric drive motors in industrial automation systems. The electrical energy generated by the powerful drive motors, when braking the motors, is fed back into the supply network by our active PFC controller BSPFC10000-480T. Until now, this energy has been converted into heat via resistors in the intermediate circuit between the bridge rectifier and the frequency converter, which is associated with high electrical losses. Further advantages of the BSPFC10000-480T are the active power factor correction and the resulting undistorted, sinusoidal current consumption from the supply network as well as the low harmonic currents and significantly lower network distortions and interference. The BSPFC10000-480T is expected to be available as a standard product in series production from the end of 2017.