PHIHONG Introduces the Industry’s First IEEE802.3bt Power Over Ethernet Injectors

Phihong’s new POE60U-1BT (60W) and POE90U-1BT (90W) single-port mid-span injectors will be the first products on the market that meet the current draft version of the new IEEE802.3bt standard that is expected to be ratified in 2018.

The proliferation of Ethernet connected devices is expanding the need for power above the 30 watt level, as currently specified in the IEEE802.3at standard for Power Sourcing Equipment. To address these higher power requirements, the IEEE committee has been drafting the IEEE802.3bt standard, which will allow up to 90 watts per port.” says Tom Chin, Sr. Marketing Manager at Phihong. “Phihong will be the first to market commercially available mid-span injectors compliant to the current draft version of the IEEE802.3bt standard, further expanding our leadership position in this market.

Currently, a POE switch typically provides up to a maximum of 384 watts of total power to be distributed among all of its ports. As new power hungry devices get connected to the network Phihong’s IEEE802.3bt mid-span injectors offer IT managers a cost effective & scalable solution to support these devices, without having to upgrade to more expensive new switches.

Phihong’s POE60U-1BT and POE90U-1BT are ideal for many applications including Pan Tilt Zoom cameras/IP cameras, VoIP video phones, building/access control equipment, WiFi access devices, POS terminals, thin clients, kiosks, and IP print servers.

To download the data sheets for Phihong’s 60W POE injector POE60U-1BT, please use the following link Datasheet.
To download the data sheet for Phihong’s 90W POE injector POE90U-1BT, please use the following link: Datasheet.

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