Inverter for Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EES) with 97% efficiency

The BERGER Stromversorgungen GmbH & CO. KG, in company alliance with the development specialist German Power GmbH in Pforzheim, designs, produces and distributes innovative, electronically controlled power supplies in a worldwide recognized quality and highest reliability.

The strategic orientation of the company alliance includes the objective of developing products that offer the highest efficiency in their class and make an important contribution to increasing energy efficiency and sustainability through their reliability and durability. After 2 years of development, the realization of a customer-specific inverter for use in electrical energy storage systems (EES) was completed in 2016. The inverter has an output power of 1000W and generates from a LiFePO4 battery cell voltage of 3.6V an output voltage of 230VAC with 97% efficiency. The bidirectional inverter provides the 230VAC AC voltage to the electrical consumers by means of a very fast regulation without switching processes and at the same time takes over the controlled battery charging and battery management. The EES inverter automatically synchronizes itself with the mains voltage and can be used to provide peak power by feeding electrical energy back into the supply grid – within milliseconds. Due to the modular design of the inverter and the possibility of parallel connection, individual electrical energy storage systems with high efficiency and outputs from 1kW to several MW can be set up. The scaling is possible in 1000W steps. The functional principle of the EES inverter, with the possibility of operating Li-ion battery cells in parallel, is unique worldwide. Our customer, for whom we developed the first generation of the EES Inverter, received the Environmental Technology Award of Baden-Württemberg for its Electrical Energy Storage Systems.